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When you hire Libby Lou’s Fun Factory, we will come to you or any venue of your choice and transform your venue into the PERFECT PARTY! We will provide supplies and decorations to style the party, making the event a stress free experience full of fun and laughter that family, friends, and children will remember for years to come.

These party packages are all inclusive – these party packages ARE NOT the same as our “shop” parties.

Canvas Painting Party
Cotton Candy Wonderland Party
Extreme Shake Party
Super Stuff-A-Pal Party
Sundae Spa Party
Squishy Squashy Slime Party
Unicorn Glow Party
*2 Party Hosts
*2 Hour Party
*Set Up & Clean Up
*Themed Table Setting
*Themed Photo Backdrop
*Themed Party Paper & Plastic Products (Cups, Plates, Tablecloths, Utensils)
*Themed Party Decor
*Themed Activity
*Custom Themed Invitations
*Party Popcorn
*Party Punch
*Tables & Chairs
*Just Book the party and pay the deposit

NOTHING!! Absolutely nothing. We are coming in and taking over 100%. We got you! You RELAX, take pictures, enjoy the party with the guests. All we ask is that you provide a space free of animals and clutter. We will need room to set up our party area. We will need your kitchen table, access to electric and water.

We need you to provide entertainment for your parents who decide to stay during the party. We don't mind parents watching, we just ask that you refrain from interfering with the flow of the party. We got this, I have done 100s of parties. The flow of the party is planned so that it runs for the duration of your 2hr party time, we know exactly what is coming next and how to keep everyone in order.

If you are planning to have cake, food etc, we ask that you plan that for the last 30 minutes of your party or after our party. So your invitations would either show a 2hr flat party or a 2 1/2 hour party allowing us to host our party and then as we clean up and tear down you are hosting cake and food. We do provide popcorn and party punch during the party. We also include gift time in our party timeline as well. However, some parents ask that we remove it and they will open gifts once everyone has left, if you wish to do this please let me know ahead of time.
All parties start at $650 for up to 8 guests
Additional guests are $30 each

If you are outside of our 10 mile radius for travel there will be additional travel fees. We charge .75 per mile beyond 10 miles.

If you need to host a party in a basement or above the 1st floor of a location we will need to come out and look at the space. There will be an additional fee of $200 to host in a basement or above the 1st floor with no elevator.