Pre-Order Elf on The Shelf Survivor Kit - Box 2 (Vs.2022)

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2022 Boxes will have all new elf antics - so if you ordered for 2021 the box WILL NOT be the same. Pre-order for next year by 12-31-2021 and get 10% off!!! Use discount code EARLYELF2022

Are you new to the Elf on The Shelf tradition?

You already have an Elf but you forget to move it, can't think of anything for your Elf to do?

I have been doing Elf on The Shelf for 16yrs, I started with my now 19yr old daughter when she was 3yrs old. I now have a 10yr old and a 6yr old. My 10yr old doesn't "really" believe so much anymore but she wants to I think, so she really goes along with it because my 6yr old really enjoys it. We now have 2 elves in our home .... talk about double Elf mischief. I will admit I have not always been the best about making sure our Elves are moving and doing crazy activities.

One year my oldest daughter and her friend were trying to compare Elf activity and how they were not real. I was photoshopping pictures of their Elves hanging out at the North Pole and with Santa and sending them in the mail. It was crazy and fun!

So as you can see this tradition can get kinda crazy and tedious. So I have created these two survivor kits that will get you through the Elf on The Shelf season pretty seamlessly. If your Elf arrives on Thanksgiving Day then the 30 day kit is for you. If your Elf arrives on December 1st then the 25 day kit is for you. I provide you with a daily activity, the supplies for that day and directions on how to set up your scene. There are even some Naughty behavior warnings included in your kit.

Don't forget to add on a pair of Magic Elf Gloves if you need to move your Elf in Front of your kiddos. We all know that touching the Elf will make their magic disappear. Believe me - I cannot tell you how many times our Elf has fallen and someone has picked it up and a kid freaked out because someone just touched the elf. Don't get caught in that situation.

A great End to your Elf on the Shelf season is our

Santa Key that your Elf will Bring on Christmas Eve for you to leave out for Santa.

Personalized Letter From your Elf saying good bye

Our personalized Christmas Eve Box - which contains the Santa Key , Personalized letter from the Elf and from Santa himself, Candy, and some other novelty items for Christmas Eve.

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