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Our mission is to meet and satisfy the needs of customers by producing high quality extreme shakes and desserts.

I am a Locally, family and woman owned business.


Here in my shop you will discover only the best extremely fun experience. My extreme shakes are of the finest quality and every recipe has been put together by me, you will see that they truly are a piece of art work, and of course extremely delicious. We carry only super premium ice creams, meaning that all of our ice cream is 35-40% overrun, that is about one part air to every three parts cream. The lower your overrun the creamier, smoother and richer your ice cream will taste. Then there is the butterfat, all of our ice creams are at least 14% butterfat, many at 16%. This adds to the creamy, luscious texture and taste that super-premium ice creams are famous for.

I have worked hard with my family to achieve a local reputation and this has been built on the quality of my products which we hand make ourselves twice a week and only ever using fresh ingredients and baking methods resulting in the best extreme desserts in Columbus. Every single dessert is made to order, we never pre-make anything. You are getting the freshest and best of everything. Our ice cream is worth a thousand words. So come on over and taste them all ….. literally taste them all!!! I love meeting new people and always happy to see old and new faces. I promise you are in for a super treat! We are all about the toppings and NEVER ABOUT THE WHIP.

Tara Becker


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Summer Hours: (Start June 1st)
Monday-Sunday 12:00pm - 11:00pm

Fall Hours: (Starts after Labor Day)
Monday - Sunday 2:00pm-10:00pm

Winter Hours: (Start Mid-November)
Monday - Sunday 4:00pm-10:30pm

Spring Hours: (Start March 1st)
Monday - Sunday 2:00pm -10:00pm
May - Saturday & Sunday 12:00pm -10:30pm